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Conure Books & DVDs

This is our selection of Conure books and Conure DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Conures. If you don't see the Conure book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Conure titles, please contact us. For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page.

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Aratingas by Herman Kremer - High-quality photographs accompany practical and clear descriptions in which all important characteristics of each <i>Aratinga</i> conure species are given: sub-species, origin of name, parents and young, sizes and weights, habitat and habits, diet, nesting sites, breeding process, general remarks, and mutations. (Note: This is a special order. Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.)


by Herman Kremer

Price: $29.95

The Carolina Parakeet: America's Lost Parrot in Art and Memory by Carole Boston Weatherford - This is a sobering story of how a young nation loved, laid waste, and lost its only parrot. This much is certain. There was once a gem in the Great Forest, a winged jewel rivaling any in the tropics. It was the Carolina Parakeet, North America's only native parrot. Curiously, within the span of a century, the great flocks dwindled to nothing and this beautiful bird disappeared. Now, it is almost forgotten. All that remain are romantic tableaux penned by pioneers, likenesses limned by artists, specimens cataloged in collections, and longing, wistful longing.

The Carolina Parakeet: America's Lost Parrot in Art and Memory

by Carole Boston Weatherford

Price: $14.95

The Conure Handbook by Anne C. Watkins - The information you need to raise a happy and healthy conure. Includes facts, advice, and fascinating insights that tell you what you need to know about acquiring a conure, housing, grooming, feeding, health care, and much more.

The Conure Handbook

by Anne C. Watkins

Price: $12.95

Conures: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Gayle Soucek - These small members of the parrot family are intelligent and sociable by nature, and make very popular pets for bird lovers. Here is everything a new pet owner needs to know about caring for conures and keeping them as pets, including purchasing, feeding, health care, training, grooming, and more. Heavily illustrated with high-quality photos and anatomically accurate line drawings.

Conures: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

by Gayle Soucek

Price: $8.95



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