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Lory & Lorikeet Books & DVDs

This is our selection of Lory & Lorikeet books and Lory & Lorikeet DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Lories and Lorikeets. If you don't see the Lory & Lorikeet book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Lory & Lorikeet titles, please contact us. For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page.


A Guide to Lories & Lorikeets: Their Management, Care & Breeding (Revised Edition) by Peter Odekerken - Completely reformatted and revised including new sections on lories and lorikeets as pets, diseases, and color mutations, this edition is bigger, better, and more colourful than the highly successful original edition. Peter's exceptional photography again is beautifully supportive of the informative text, which together make this a must-have title. Chapters include In the Wild, Lories and Lorikeets in Captivity, Diseases and Disorders, Lory and Lorikeet Species, and Mutations.

A Guide to Lories & Lorikeets: Their Management, Care & Breeding (Revised Edition)

by Peter Odekerken

Price: $33.95

The Birdkeepers' Guides: Lories and Lorikeets by Rebecca K. O'Connor - Written by an expert on bird care, this book provides the most up-to-date information on housing, feeding, and grooming these lively birds. Also known as honeyeaters, these colorful and amusing birds are known to be very playful and form strong bonds with their owners. This book pays special attention to the unique nutritional needs of the lory and includes an in-depth chapter devoted to their behavior and training. Using vibrant photos, it discusses the 15 different species of these popular members of the parrot family, including all of those in the pet trade and even some rare species.

The Birdkeepers' Guides: Lories and Lorikeets NEW

by Rebecca K. O'Connor

Price: $12.95



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