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Parrotlet Books & DVDs

This is our selection of Parrotlet books and parrotlet DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Parrotlets. If you don't see the Parrotlet book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Parrotlet titles, please contact us. For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page.


The Birdkeepers' Guides: Parrotlets by Nikki Moustaki - Packing all the personality of a big parrot into their tiny bodies, parrotlets are fun and feisty companions. Like other parrots, they are intelligent and social pets, and parrotlets are active and playful as well. Parrotlets can be stubborn and bossy, and their owners must educate themselves on how to control these tendencies. Written by an expert on bird care and training, this in-depth guide discusses all seven species of parrotlets, focusing on the three that are widely available as pets. Essential topics like proper socialization, solving problem behaviors, nutrition, cages, and other equipment, and health care receive detailed coverage. The author advocates positive training and the formation of a deep parrot-human bond.

The Birdkeepers' Guides: Parrotlets NEW

by Nikki Moustaki

Price: $12.95

The Parrotlet Handbook by Sandee Molenda - This book contains reliable information on cage maintenance and general care of this popular bird, including purchasing, feeding, health care, training, grooming, and more. Heavily illustrated with high-quality photos and anatomically accurate line drawings.

The Parrotlet Handbook

by Sandee Molenda

Price: $12.95



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