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New to the USA Ropabird is a patented product from Ropavet Pharmaceuticals B.V. All Ropabird products are GMP certified. Ropabird is a 100% natural supplement based on oregano that improves gut function in birds. The digestive system performs key functions in ensuring optimum health. Using Ropabird as directed results in better digestion, better gastrointestinal health, better respiratory health, better feather and skin health and better general health with less medication.

Ropavet Oregano is a natural antimicrobial. We used oregano oil this breeding season on pairs that appeared healthy but which were producing clear eggs. The result was dramatic: the second clutch proved to be fertile in 63% of the pairs that had previously laid clear eggs. I suspect that these few infertile pairs had subclinical bacterial infections that affected fertility and that the oregano oil eliminated these pathogens. 

… Dan the product is great!

-Tony Silva author of “Psittaculture”
April 14, 2016

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Ropabird Digestive Liquid

Ropabird Digestive Liquid

Special supplement added to drinking water for all cage and aviary birds.


Price: $11.95 – $25.95

Ropabird Liquid Extra Forte

Ropabird Digestive Oil

A 100% natural supplement to be added to feed for all cage and aviary birds. The natural essential oils stimulate the appetite and work in the digestive system against pathogens and bacteria.

Price: $11.95 – $25.95

Ropabird Liquid Extra Forte

Ropabird Liquid Extra Forte

A 100% natural supplement to be added to drinking water for larger parrot type birds.

Price: $11.95 – $31.95

Ropabird Extra Forte Powder

Ropabird Extra Forte Powder

Special supplementary feed for large parrot type cage and aviary birds.

Price: $8.95 – $10.95



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