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This is our selection of Softbill books and softbill DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Softbills. If you don't see the Softbill book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Softbill titles, please contact us. For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page.


A Dictionary of the Turacos by Robert G. Black - This dictionary lists all of the terms, both common English names and scientific, that have been used for any of the turacos since their original discovery and description. In addition, for aviculturists in areas where English is not the native language, a variety of appendices are included with the names of the turacos in other languages.

A Dictionary of the Turacos

by Robert G. Black

Price: $14.95

Pekin Robins and Small Softbills: Management and Breeding by Peter Karsten - The book serves as an instruction manual for the novice Pekin Robin breeder in particular, as well as providing a wealth of information for softbill breeders in general. Richly detailed with over 250 original illustrations by the author.

Pekin Robins and Small Softbills: Management and Breeding

by Peter Karsten

Price: $49.95

Softbills: Care, Breeding and Conservation by Martin Vince - An exhaustive volume about softbills-small, flying birds that do not live on seeds, but on soft foods such as fruits, insects, and meats. The first section covers the basics from purchasing and housing to the particulars such as handling, banding, and nutrition. The second section focuses on the different species, their size, sexing, incubation, and breeding. Sure to become the definitive source for softbill keepers.

Softbills: Care, Breeding and Conservation

by Martin Vince

Price: $24.95

Thrushes by Peter Clement - This is the first book in nearly one hundred years that is solely devoted to thrushes. It treats comprehensively the world's 162 species of true thrushes, providing a wealth of detailed information on identification and distribution of each species, with a reference to all recognized races. Emphasis is placed on vocalizations, plus habitat, range, movements, and breeding behavior. This will be, undoubtedly, the standard work on thrushes for many years to come.


by Peter Clement

Price: $65.00

Toucans, Barbets and Honeyguides by Lester Short & Jennifer Horne - The exotic and vibrant natures of toucans, barbets, and honeyguides are brought to life in this stunning new volume from the Bird Families of the World series. Provides a general introduction to each toucan, barbet, and honeyguide family, followed by details on each of the 133 known species, including description, field characteristics, voice, habits, feeding and diet, displays, breeding behavior, life cycle, social systems, range map, status, habitat, and human and environmental threats. It is very reader-friendly, as accessible to bird and wildlife lovers as to professional ornithologists and conservationists.

Toucans, Barbets & Honeyguides

by Lester Short & Jennifer Horne

Price: $269.00



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