Bird Sitter DVD


Think of it as entertainment for your parrot.

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Bird Sitter

by Steve Hartman & Steve Cantin

Birds normally communicate frequently with the flock because they are constantly socializing and looking for predators. Just think about all the bird chatter you can constantly hear in your backyard. Birds’ brains are designed for constant communication — something humans are not able to supply. This DVD will give your pet bird the opportunity to experience life in a flock, the way parrots were meant to live. The video exposes then to the sights and sounds of hundreds of parrots engaging in everyday life in a flock, giving your bird constant mental stimulus and making him or her happier and healthier. Now your bird will never have to be home alone! The Bird Sitter video also works great for helping escaped parrots find their way home.

Item Number: DVD11

Running Time: 86 min.

Published: 2006

Format: DVD

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