Canary Health


The author discusses in detail the various Canary illnesses and treatment medications.

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Canary Health
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by Dr. Rob Marshall

This book provides a comprehensive guide to achieving a superior level of health and happiness in the Canary. Dr. Marshall’s philosophy of prevention, rather than cure, is the foundation and central theme to this thorough and easy-to-read reference book for pet and show Canary owners alike. He discusses in detail the various diseases that may arise in Canaries and how to treat and medicate them. The troubleshooting chapter assists owners in self-diagnosing problems and facilitating rapid treatment. More importantly, Dr. Marshall helps owners to understand why diseases occur and how to prevent them. The book also provides a practical strategy of Seasonal Programs for the ongoing care of Canaries. From the exhibition fancier who wishes to breed and show top-quality birds, to the pet owner who wants a healthy companion bird, this book offers valuable and extensive information on the care, breeding, and prevention of disease in Canaries.

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Published: 2005

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