Hand-Rearing Birds

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Hand-Rearing Birds, Second Edition is an essential resource for avian rehabilitators, breeders, veterinarians, and zoo staff.



Hand-Rearing Birds-Second Edition

by Laurie J. Gage DVM and Rebecca Duerr DVM

This book presents a detailed guide to hand-rearing techniques for raising young birds, providing complete coverage of a wide variety of avian species and taxonomic groups for all avian care professionals. Chapters are written by expert rehabilitation, aviculture, and zoo professionals, and include useful references and bibliographies for further reading and research. Each chapter provides valuable information on appropriate intervention, housing, feeding, and care.

Hand-Rearing Birds, Second Edition presents 50 chapters, including 12 new chapters on species or groups of species not featured in the previous edition. It also features color photographs that help illustrate many concepts pertinent to birds. This important reference:

  • Offers a detailed guide to hand-rearing techniques including species-specific guides to caring for and raising young birds
  • Covers a wide variety of avian species and taxonomic groups
  • Discusses how to examine a chick to identify problems such as hypothermia, dehydration, injuries, and common diseases, and what to do
  • Combines information on the science and skill needed to successfully hand-rear birds
  • Presents full-color photographs throughout

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Published: 2020

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