Handbook of Bird Biology 3rd. Edition


An essential and comprehensive resource for everyone into birds.




Produced by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Edited by Irby J. Lovette and John W. Fitzpatrick

This edition has been completely revised and is presented with more than 800 full color images. It provides readers with a tool for life-long learning about birds and is suitable for anyone with an interest in birds.  The Handbook covers all aspects of avian lifestyles including behavior, ecology, evolution, physiology and conservation. Chapters include Avian Diversity & Classification, Feathers and Flight, Avian Anatomy and Physiology, Food and Foraging, Mating and Social Behavior,  Avian Vocal Behavior, Breeding Biology, Avian Ecology and Conservation.

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ISBN: 9781118291054

736 pages


Published: 2016


















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