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Parrots live long lives in captivity.  Make an informed decision, learn the demands of each species before you invest your time and money!

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Parrot Parenting: The Essential Care and Training Guide to 20+ Parrot Species

By Carol Frischmann

From the tiny parakeet to the giant hyacinth macaw, not all parrots place the same demands on their parents. Bird expert and author, Carol Frishmann has written a must-have book for every prospective parrot parent, an all-in-one guide that will remain indispensable in every bird home, regardless of the size, trainability, or personality of the feathered friend. More than a selection guide, Parenting a Parrot offers all the information owners need to know about feeding, caring for, and training their chosen parrot. Though both good talkers, the eclectus parrot may be quieter than the cockatoo, but he’s not nearly as cuddly. Parenting a Parrot tells owners what to expect from their parrots and how to get the most out of their avian companions.

INSIDE THIS BOOK: Finding and purchasing the ideal parrot. Descriptions and needs of the most popular twenty parrot species. Comprehensive positive-reinforcement-based training chapter, including trick training, talking, and training a flighted bird. Living with a parrot, including establishing daily routine, socializing, housing, home safety, and cleanliness. The parrot’s meal plan: diets, organic and natural options, and special needs. Understanding parrot behavior, enrichment strategies, and problem solving. Grooming, health care, first aid, and senior care. Parenting tips highlighted in sidebars in each chapter. Lists of recommendations for best talkers, quietest species, trick experts, beginner’s birds, etc. EXTENSIVE INFORMATION NOT A  BLOG!

Includes detailed species descriptions of these parrots:
African Greys
Bourke’s Parkeets
Lineolated Parakeets
Lories and Lorikeets
Quaker Parakeets
Senegals and Other Poicephalus

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ISBN: 9781620081303

Published: 2014

Pages: 224


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