Pionus Parrots: A Complete Guide



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Pionus Parrots: A Complete Guide

by Roger Sweeney

Roger Sweeney, with the assistance of the late John Stoodley, has created the new bible for Pionus breeders and keepers. This book covers the natural history of all Pionus species, Pionus as pets and aviary birds, accommodations, diet, breeding, vocal abilities, behavior, and more. Highlights include an exceptional chapter on the health care and diseases of Pionus by Dr. Susan Clubb, and an excellent section on artificial incubation and rearing methods. Useful addresses, appendices, a glossary, and a bibliography round out what will quickly become the standard avicultural reference book on Pionus.

Item Number: 966

ISBN: 1895270227

Pages: 160 pp.

Published: 2001

Illustrations: Color photos by John Stoodley

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 6″ x 9″

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