Regarding Chickens: Essentials for the Flock Owner


A definitive how-to DVD for anyone interested in keeping chickens. 1 copy left in stock.

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Regarding Chickens: Essentials for the Flock Owner

by Frederick J. Dunn

This high-quality comprehensive and educational DVD is a definitive how-to for anyone with an interest in chickens. Each segment is broken down by chapters and sub-menus to make locating and viewing specific subjects a snap. Contents include: Introduction to successful hatching, rearing, and keeping; purchasing mail-order chicks; selecting hatching eggs; incubation; candling hatching eggs; brooding; feeding and feed types; housing and housing elements; interviews with experts; chicken behavior; dealing with predators; and gardening for chickens.

Item Number: DVD14

ISBN: 0978979605

Running Time: 170 min.

Published: 2006

Format: DVD

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