The Basics of Parrot Trainming: A Live Workshop


Four hour workshop offers training techniques that help you to understand and manage parrot behavior.

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The Basics of Parrot Training: A Live Workshop

by Barbara Heidenreich

Everything you wanted to know to help you get started training your parrot is captured in this video of one of Barbara Heidenreich’s world-renowned Parrot Training Workshops. Barbara is famous for her entertaining and enthusiastic presentation style. But her true gift is her kind and gentle approach to animal training. You will learn how to train your parrot, read his/her body language, solve behavior problems, and watch Barbara demonstrate these techniques with parrots she is meeting for the first time. Most of all you will learn how to have a great relationship with your bird based on trust. Discover how these training methods can help you have a fun, well-behaved, and interactive companion parrot.

Item Number: DVD18

Running Time: 4 hours

Published: 2010

Format: 3-DVD Set

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