The Chinese Panted Quail (The Button Quail) Their Care & Breeding


All you will ever need to know about keeping this popular little quail. Sale ends April 30th.

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The Chinese Painted Quail (The Button Quail): Their Care & Breeding

by Dr. Leland B. Hayes

This book about Chinese Painted Quail-also known as Button Quail-will be of immense practical value to beginners and long-time aviculturists alike. Dr. Hayes, one of the world’s foremost authorities on quail and upland game birds, describes what Button Quail are, how to breed them, how to keep them healthy, and how to really enjoy them!

Item Number: B09

ISBN: 0963319612

Pages: 161 pp.

Published: 1992

Illustrations: Color and black/white photos

Binding: Paperback

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