A Guide to African Grey Parrots as Pet & Aviary Birds


This book covers grey parrots as aviary birds and as companion birds.


A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet & Aviary Birds (Hardcover)

by Rosemary Low

Well-known avian expert Rosemary Low has produced a valuable reference for both breeders and pet owners of African Grey Parrots. The chapters on the History of the Captive Grey Parrot, In the Wild, and Worldwide Trade include details on distribution, population estimates and threats, habits, diet, observations in the wild, CITES quotas, and mortality. The two recognized subspecies, Psittacus erithacus and P. e. timneh, are examined. The section on this species in captivity focuses on Housing, Breeding, Artificial Incubation, Handrearing, Diet and Nutrition, Mutations, and Diseases and Disorders. Companion bird keepers are provided with specific information on the suitability of the Grey Parrot as a pet species, selection criteria, how to prepare a new home, provision of the enrichment and mental stimulation vital for this intelligent bird, and an overview of general care. Other pet topics include talking and mimicry, behavior, and behavioral problems.

Item Number: 934-H

ISBN: 0975081756

Pages: 168 pp.

Published: 2006

Illustrations: Color photos

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 6.5″ x 9.25″

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