Caiques: Their Care, Breeding and Some Natural History


DetailedĀ information for breeders and keepers.


Caiques: Their Care, BreedingĀ and Some Natural History

by Dr. John C. McMichael

Published by Avian Publications!

Caiques are given in-depth coverage in this informative book for aviculturalists, pet owners, and enthusiasts. Divided into three parts, the first deals with pet care, the second with breeding, and the third with esoteric and scientific topics. Topics include deciding if you are a “parrot person”; parrot-proofing your home; cage selection, placement, lighting, and cleaning; diet; bathing and grooming; keeping pairs as pets; caiques and other pets (including other birds); life cycle and maturation; behavior and training; health; travel; recapturing an escaped bird; breeding, incubation, and hand-feeding; and natural history, taxonomy, ecology, conservation, mutations, and hybrids.

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ISBN: 9780910335744

Pages: 136 pp.

Published: 2010

Illustrations: Color photos and illustrations

Binding: Paperback

Size: 8″ x 10″

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