The Finch: A Breeder’s Companion


An in-depth highly detailed reference book for finch breeders. SPECIAL ORDER, ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.


The Finch: A Breeder’s Companion

by Russell Kingston

Russell Kingston’s latest masterpeice is the most comprehensive reference ever published on seedeaters. Covering 70 species from around the world in 33 chapters. Each chapter includes information by family on distribution and habitat in the wild, housing, sexing, management, diet, showing, behavior, health issues, availability, mutations, and hybrids. Family species include African Firefinches, the family Amadina and Amandava, Australian Firetails, Australian Grassfinches, Canary Finches, Cardinals, African Waxbills, Gouldian Finches, Grassquits, Java Finches, The Lonchura Family, The Neochmia Family, Some Old World Finches, The Parrotfinches, The Pytilia Family, The Crested Finches, The Saffron Finches, The Siskins, The Passer Family – Sparrows, The Twinspots, The Family Uraeginthus, The Weaver, Widowbirds, and Fodys, African Whydahls and Indigobirds, The Family Taeniopygia Zebras and Double-bars. Additional detailed chapters include: Breeding finches, Conservation, Avian Health, Housing, Husbandry, Nutrition, and starting in finches. This must-have reference for finch breeders ships worldwide.

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ISBN: 9780958561228

Pages: 528 pp.

Published: 2010

Illustrations: Color photos and illustrations

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 8.5″ x 12″

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