A Guide to Cockatiels and Their Mutations as Pet & Aviary Birds (Revised Edition)


A definitive guide featuring extensive information on mutations with 375 color photos.

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A Guide to Cockatiels and Their Mutations as Pet and Aviary Birds (Revised Edition)

by Dr. Terry Martin & Diana Andersen

This guide from Australian Birdkeeper is a must for both cockatiel pet and breeder enthusiasts. 375 color images depict all mutations established worldwide. Chapters include: Wild Cockatiels; Aviary Birds: Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Artificial Incubation, Handrearing; Companion Birds: Housing, Environment, Enrichment, Feeding, Behaviour; Colour Mutations: Basic Genetics; Worldwide Mutations: European, North American and Australian, Combination Colours; Health and Disease.

Item Number: 353

ISBN: 9780975081778

Pages: 194 pp.

Published: 2007

Illustrations: Color photos

Binding: Paperback

Size: 6.5″ x 9.25″

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