Encyclopedia of Estrildad Finches


This book covers Estrildid Finches in detail. Ideal for enthusiasts.


Hancock House Encyclopedia of Estrildid Finches

by Dr. Matthew M. Vriends & Tanya Heming-Vriends

Estrildid finches are the author’s favorite group of birds, and this massive tome is his major life’s work. This esssential guide offers detailed descriptions of the colorful and popular Estrildid finches from the tropics and subtropics: Waxbills, Mannikins, Munias, Grass Finches, and Parrot Finches. Over 400 color photos highlight the species account of their biology, distribution, and full avicultural care. This book compiles the essential guidance you need to achieve success in finch culture, and holds the answers to both scientific and practical questions about this family of finches.

Item Number: 630

ISBN: 0888394934

Pages: 256 pp.

Published: 2001

Illustrations: Over 400 color photos

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 8.55″ x 11″

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