Pigeons and Doves in Australia


A superbly illustrated book covering all 30 species native to Australia.


In Pigeons and Doves in Australia, Joseph Forshaw and William Cooper have summarised our current knowledge of all species, including those occurring on Christmas, Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands, and with superb artwork have given readers a visual appreciation of the birds in their natural habitats. Historical accounts of extinct species are also included. Detailed information on management practices for all species is presented, ensuring that Pigeons and Doves in Australia will become the standard reference work on these birds for ornithologists and aviculturists.

Winner of a 2015 Whitley Awards Certificate of Commendation for Illustrated Text.

Item Number: B10

ISBN: 9780643096332

Pages: 350

Published: 2015

Illustrations: Color

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 12″ x 11″

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