The Encyclopedia of the Lories



The Encyclopedia of the Lories by Rosemary Low

The Encyclopedia of the Lories, the most comprehensive overview of lories yet, providing aviculturists, veterinarians, pet owners and interested others a definitive look at the art and science of keeping and breeding lories. The Encyclopedia is a 432 page hard cover volume that is printed on high-quality paper. The colorful cover painting, depicting a small family of Red-collared Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus rubritorquis), is by Rachel Lewis. The Alphabetical Listing of Topics includes more than 90 essays on various aspects of lories and lory keeping, such as dietary protein, hand-rearing, breeding problems, ringing (banding), feather plucking and species suitable for beginners. The dietary and feeding sections are especially readable and informative; including some food recipes used by lory breeders in different countries. The second part, Lory Species Accounts, comprises more than half of the book’s length. Compelling and interesting to lory breeders and ornithologists alike, these accounts are about each of the 53 lory species. These species accounts include detailed descriptions of adult and immature birds, subspecies and sexual dimorphisms, followed by a treatise of the natural history of the species and up-to-date avicultural accounts.  This section also includes maps showing each species’ natural range. Particularly interesting to lory breeders and pet owners, the species accounts are preceded by a general overview of the genus, describing basic characteristics for the entire genus, such as basic plumage patterns, pet qualities and food preferences.

Item number: 713

ISBN: 9780888394132

Pages: 432

Published: 1998

Illustrations:  Color

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 9 x 12 inches

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