Munias and Mannikins


A superb guide to this colorful family of finches.


Munias and Mannikins

by Robin Restall

Munias and mannikins are one genus in a colorful family of seed-eating songbirds that live in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Australasia, Africa, and various Pacific islands. This book is the first comprehensive account of the forty-one species of this group of Old World seedeaters. Robin Restall provides a natural history of each species, including field characteristics, status, habitat, morphology, habits and behavior, food and feeding, movements, calls and song, courtship and display, breeding, distribution, a detailed species description, hybrids, and conservation status. Of special significance are Restall’s line drawings and paintings: included in the book are 16 color plates of perched birds in field guide style depicting every known plumage; 64 colored measured drawings of individual birds that show plumage variation; and numerous line drawings, most of which show behavior never before illustrated. The book also contains distribution maps and sonograms.

Item Number: 599

ISBN: 9780300071092

Pages: 264 pp.

Published: 1997

Illustrations: Color painting plates, black/white line drawings, maps, and sonograms

Binding: Cloth

Size: 6.625″ x 9

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

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